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            Where Business and Social Data Converge

            LeadFerret now comes in 3 flavors. In addition to the standard business data sourcing and management platform, we now offer LeadFerret Enterprise and LeadFerret API. Both work with a standard free LeadFerret account, so create your free account and find out more about these exciting new ways to leverage the ever-growing LeadFerret business+social database.


            Search 30+ million companies and contacts with emails and social links, view for free and only pay when you want to download.

            LeadFerret Enterprise

            All the benefits of our traditional solutions, but with our new team coordination and management suite built in.

            LeadFerret API

            Integrate the power of our 30+ million companies and contacts into your solution and wow your users with detailed information, like email addresses, social media links, and much more.

            Who is using LeadFerret?

            What is LeadFerret?

            The LeadFerret database contains business and social information on 30+ million companies and contacts, and can be accessed through our classic cloud-based data management platform, LeadFerret Enterprise, or the new LeadFerret API. Each record connects traditional contact information to social media profiles, making data more accurate and detailed.

            Premium Subscription

            If you like our free service, you'll love our premium subscription options. For a ridiculously low monthly fee you get tons of points, access to premium features, and preferred phone, email, and live chat support. As a premium member you'll get help finding the records you need, understanding how to fully utilize the site, and be able to effortlessly download large quantities of data to spreadsheet. Premium membership costs so little, yet puts access to so much data at your fingertips. In fact, once you are a premium member you can also use our ad-hoc purchase feature to download any volume of data you need nearly instantly.

            Just like free members, you can search for and view an unlimited number of records, but now you'll have the power to download to spreadsheet for pennies per record. With all options the number of points indicated will be added to your account when you sign up, and on that same day each month as long as your subscription is active. There is no contact, you can cancel at any time.

            Choose your membership
            Sign up in 60 seconds. Upgrade, cancel anytime. Points never expire!

            Free Basic Plus Pro

            Monthly Cost

            $0 $20 $40 $60

            Monthly Points

            1 point allows you to download 1 record
            5 points 200 points 500 points 800 points

            Search industries by SIC & NAIC codes

            Links to Social Media Profiles

            (e.g facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+ and many more)

            Search by Direct Dial 五福彩票通用版1.0下载Phone Numbers

            Search by User device information

            (iPad, i五福彩票通用版1.0下载Phone, Android, Windows)

            Share links to search results

            with Friends/Colleagues

            Manage multiple download lists

            3 10 Unlimited Unlimited

            Manage and name multiple suppression lists

            3 10

            Saved Searches

            3 10 Unlimited Unlimited

            Use Ad-Hoc purchases

            to get as many records as you need
            10¢ per record 8¢ per record 7.5¢ per record

            Live Support Chat/五福彩票通用版1.0下载Phone/Email

            Basic Preferred Preferred Preferred

            Custom Directories

            Our team can build a niche directory for any target audience

            View number of daily records

            Limited 500 2000 5000

            Target records from multiple pages

            (Free users can only target records on one page at a time)

            Download records to CSV from multiple pages

            (Free users can only download records on one page at a time)

            No annoying captchas

            Get your points back for any innacurate records

            Each point allows you to download 1 contact. For example, 800 points = 800 contacts that can be downloaded per month.

            More points can be purchased as needed using our ad-hoc purchase feature.

            To learn more, go to click here

            What can LeadFerret do for me?

            Our objective is to make prospecting and generating leads more affordable and more efficient for all sales people, recruiters, insurance agents, small business owners, entrepreneurs, etc, so they can spend more time closing deals and less time searching for leads and prospecting. Once you give LeadFerret a try, you will see what we mean. In fact, it has been said that when it comes to prospecting:

            "2 minutes on LeadFerret is worth 2 hours on Linkedin."

            With LeadFerret

            Without LeadFerret

            What makes LeadFerret different?

            • Free access to complete information
            • Email + phone + social profiles
            • Improved accuracy through social verification
            • Robust data management platform, includes:
              • Powerful search interaface
              • List creation and management tools
              • Suppression and deduplication capabilities
            • Instantly download complete records to spreadsheet
            • API: Intergrate LeadFerret data into your solution
            • LeadFerret Enterprise for your entire team

            What are people saying?